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If You Have An Audience Of Budding Beauty Therapists/Nail Technicians/Lash Artists etc, would you like to Help Them Become The Beauty Boss there Business Deserves.

Plus..You’d Like To Tap Into An Additional Revenue Stream For Doing Practically Nothing…

Then this is for you!

Discover the Beauty Business Toolkit, an innovative solution tailored for the beauty industry.

Designed with the unique needs of beauty professionals in mind, this toolkit is a treasure trove of resources that will empower both your academy and your students.

From expert branding and marketing strategies to essential health and safety guidelines, the toolkit covers all the bases. It offers customisable templates and financial management tools, streamlining business operations and fostering professional growth.

Join the affiliate program today and elevate the educational experience you offer, while nurturing the next generation of beauty industry leaders.

Together, let's shape a more vibrant and successful beauty community.

Joining the affiliate program as a beauty academy owner offers numerous advantages:

  1. Revenue Generation: Earn a commission for every sale made through your referral. This is a fantastic way to add a new revenue stream to your business. You will receive 10% commission on each toolkit sold. Currently priced at £297 (as of February 2024), meaning you will get £29 for each sign up.

  2. Enhance Your Curriculum: Incorporate our comprehensive Beauty Business Toolkit into your teaching resources. This gives your students an edge by providing practical, real-world business skills alongside their beauty training.

  3. Exclusive Access: Get early access to new tools and resources, ensuring your academy stays ahead in the fast-paced beauty industry.

  4. Networking Opportunities: Connect with a community of beauty professionals and educators in the Facebook group, and be added to our directory of trusted training providers.

  5. Marketing Support: Receive marketing materials and support to effectively promote the toolkit, making it easier for you to reach potential customers.

By partnering with us, your academy not only gains financially but also enhances its educational offerings, giving your students a competitive advantage in their beauty careers.

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