Surviving the Cost of Living Crunch: Beauty Salon Edition

Stephanie Barnard

9/18/20232 min read

Surviving the Cost of Living Crunch: Beauty Salon Edition

Are you ready to Spice Up Your Life with my 90's girl band-inspired blog. Get your scrunchies ready because we're about to rock the stage and tackle the pesky cost of living crisis. I’m definitely not just playing games; I’ve got some No Scrubs solutions that'll make your salon shine. So, let's say Bye Bye Bye to those problems and say hello to our chart-topping problem-solving anthems!

Stop! In the Name of Costs!

Everyone is facing increased costs and it can be challenging especially for the small business. But It's time to Get It Right, salon sisters! Rising bills are giving us major Headaches, but we'll find ways to say Goodbye to those expenses!

Try, turning down the Heat and conserve energy with LED lights and smart appliances - our salon will be efficient and cost-friendly! And make sure your staff if you have them are fully aware of your new practices.

Say You'll Be There, talk to your suppliers! Strike deals and keep enough inventory to meet demand without overspending, or implement a twice monthly order that you can create a buzz around and save ordering on demand.

Who Do You Think You Are, salon rockstars? Create killer bundles to have clients Stop booking one treatment at a time - it's all about the package deals! My top tip is always to add value not discount!

Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want - Loyalty!

Every salon wants loyal customers that will return and invest in you and your business. You need to start prioritising your clients' loyalty!

We want our clients to say Never Ever to other salons! With loyalty programs, you’ll have them screaming "Wannabe" a part of our salon family!

Personalised Offers: Let's Get Down to some data analysis! Make sure our clients get What They Want with personalised offers that'll make them Jump for joy!

Make sure your therapists are Spicing Up their skills! Introduce upskilling days, training doesn’t need to be costly, you can look for free masterclasses, they'll soon become the cream of the crop, and clients will love them 2 Become 1!

Loyalty not only sits with the clients but with your staff also!! So, make it a Family Affair with awesome incentives like flexible schedules and bonuses for excellent performances. It’s easier to keep staff than find new ones!

I Want It That Way - Tech Overload!

Show Me the Meaning of Efficiency! Well not me, your clients!

If you have not took the leap to an online booking platform yet then you are seriously clueless. Online booking systems make appointments a breeze - clients will love that convenience, and you can showcase last minute offers, availability and bundles with ease.

Partnering with local businesses will give you the Power to attract new clients like a Magnet! Think Bridal Boutiques if you offer Bridal Make up etc.

So, Everybody, it’s time to Rock Your Body! With these No More Drama solutions, your beauty salon will be a true 90's Hit!