Black Friday Boost:

Maximise Your Revenue

Join the Masterclass and Learn How to Boost Your Revenue with Irresistible Voucher Offers

Are you a beauty professional eager to make the most of Black Friday?

Do you want to turn this high-traffic weekend into a revenue powerhouse?

In my specially curated masterclass, we're diving into the secrets of Black Friday success for the beauty industry.

What You'll Discover:

  1. Tailored Voucher Offers: Learn how to create vouchers that speak directly to your clients' desires. Maximise your revenue potential.

  2. Smart Marketing Strategies: Uncover the simple yet powerful techniques to promote your Black Friday campaign on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and through email marketing.

  3. Website Optimisation Hacks: Turn visitors into buyers with a user-friendly website that guides them seamlessly through the voucher purchase process.

  4. Client Expectation Management: Ensure a smooth experience for your clients from purchase to redemption. Build trust and loyalty.

  5. Post-Campaign Success: Understand how to measure your Black Friday success and leverage it for continued growth into the holiday season.

What You'll Get:

  • Live Access to the Masterclass with Q&A.

  • Downloadable Resources and Templates, including:

  • Workbook/BF Planner

  • Editable Canva Templates

  • 4 Email Templates

  • 4 Post Captions

Q: Who Is This Masterclass For?

Beauty Salon Owners, Makeup Artists, Estheticians, Hair Stylists.

Q: Why Trust Us?

I bring you years of experience in the beauty industry. I've seen firsthand what works and what doesn't during Black Friday. Let me share my knowledge with you!

Q: What is the duration of the masterclass?

A: The masterclass is designed to be an intensive and informative session. It will run for approximately 60 minutes, including time for live Q&A.

Q: Will the masterclass content be relevant to my specific beauty business?

A: Absolutely! I've tailored the content to suit a wide range of beauty professionals including salon owners, makeup artists, skin clinics, nail technicians.

Q: Do I need any specific technical skills to participate?

A: Not at all! The masterclass is designed to be accessible for everyone. I'll guide you through the process in a straightforward and relatable manner.

Q: Will I receive any resources or materials after the masterclass?

A: Yes, participants will receive exclusive access to downloadable resources and templates to help implement the strategies discussed during the masterclass.

Q: What if I'm unable to attend the live session?

A: No worries! We understand schedules can be busy. The masterclass will be recorded, and you'll have access to the recording for a specified period after the event, so you can catch up at your own pace.

”I had the opportunity to attend the Black Friday Masterclass, and it was a complete game changer for my beauty business. The ideas discussed were useful, doable, and perfectly suited for anyone working in the beauty industry. Clear answers to specific questions were given during the live Q&A session, which was really helpful. I walked away feeling strong and ready to take most of the upcoming Black Friday weekend. ”

- Rebecca G

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